On February 21, 2022 at about 1:35PM, Team 9, 10 & BAR of IMEG-Mindanao Field Unit led by PMAJ MUHAIMIN A ASKALANI together with the personnel of San Miguel MPS led by PLT PURISIL LAROT FANILAG, OIC, arrested PMSg Jim Lahagan Lingating Jr, by virtue of Warrant of Arrest for Anti-Violence Against Women and their Children’s Act of 2004 ( Sec. 5 (E) and Sec. 5(I) of RA 9262) under Criminal Case No. 49498 and 49499 issued and duly signed by Hon. PETER V. EISMA, Presiding Judge, of Branch 15, 9th Judicial Region, Regional Trial Court, Zamboanga City, Zamboanga Del Sur dated February 11, 2022 with bail for the release of the accused is fixed at Php 36,000.00 for Sec. 5(E) and 72,000.00 for Sec. 5(I).Investigation disclosed that said case stemmed when said PNCO failed to provide financial support to his family which resulted in the filing of criminal charges against him last October 2021.The arrested accused was properly informed of the nature and caused of his arrest, Miranda Doctrine embodied in the Philippine Constitution and Anti-Torture Warning by the arresting officer in the dialect known to him. The arrested accused is now under the custody of San Miguel MPS for documentation and proper disposition pending the return of the Writ to the issuing court.